How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Palm Tree in AZ

Average Palm Tree Removal Costs

The average cost of palm tree removal varies from one project to the next. Several factors come into play when determining the costs, including size and accessibility. Let’s discuss everything you need to know before you hire a professional tree removal company.

The cost of removing a palm tree from your property depends on various factors, with the most important being the height of your tree. As with tree trimming, the height of your tree significantly impacts what you’ll pay to remove it. Prices typically include cutting down the palm tree, cutting the trunk into smaller pieces, and removing it from your property. In some cases, fully removing it from your property may cost more.

What Is the Average Cost of Removing a Palm Tree Based on Size?

  • Tree removal service for up to a 30-foot tree starts at $200.
  • Trees that range from 30-60 feet tall start at $425.
  • The average tree removal service for a palm tree ranging from 60-80 feet starts at $550.
  • Trees that are 80 feet and up typically require more significant measures to remove, so these costs start at $925.

Some tree removal companies charge extra for additional removal services beyond simply cutting down your tree. This can include:

  • Trunk Haul Away– You could pay up to $250 more to have your tree trunk hauled away.
  • Mileage– If you live far from your professional tree removal company, you may pay an added fee for mileage.
  • Complications– Trees that grow dangerously close to buildings, power lines, or other obstacles may need to be roped down and extra safety measures secured to ensure project success. Prices vary based on complications.
  • Stump Removal– You can expect to pay an additional $75-250 if you want your stump ground away.

Trying to remove or even cut down your palm tree on your own is dangerous for yourself, your property, and others. Even trimming can be dangerous, with additional risks of killing the tree with improper trimming techniques. Despite the high costs of palm tree removal, hiring a professional tree removal company is worth it.

What Do Tree Removal Companies Consider When Estimating Projects?

Before your tree removal company gives you a quote, they’ll consider the following:

  • Size of the Palm– It is not only the height but the circumference of your palm tree that will impact the total removal cost. The larger the tree, the more expensive it becomes to remove.
  • Accessibility and Location– Access to the tree is a significant factor that also determines removal cost. When it takes more manpower to remove the tree, or it’s hard to get to it, hiring a professional team to do the job will cost more.
  • Number of Trees– If you have several trees to be removed, your palm tree removal company may offer you a discount.
  • Stump Removal– Since palm trees are typically soft, stump removal costs won’t be excessive. Still, you’ll likely pay more if you want the stump ground and removed entirely.

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